Design Your Data: Tableau Desktop Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop

Design Your Data: Tableau Desktop Workshop | Atlanta

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

With the use of Tableau rapidly expanding across the business landscape, seasoned business analysts and wannabe-data-rockstars alike need to know the core features and functions of this awesome tool.

This workshop gives you a handy kickstart to get you underway on your Tableau adventures. Taught as a hands-on class, this workshop will quickly build your skills and confidence in using Tableau Desktop.

Data. Details. Dashboards. Done. That’s our philosophy when it comes to using Tableau Desktop.

This workshop is going to delve into the details and show you how to build some of the trickier charts, customise your colour palettes, and weave custom shapes and icons into your viz (that’s ‘data visualization’ for short!).

From here, we head into the wonderful world of dashboards and cover off the key points to keep in mind when designing and building dashboards for any audience.

Before you venture back into the wild with your newfound skills, you’ll be given the keys to the viz-castle by way of introductions to the data-viz community leaders, access to weekly challenges and also an on-demand, free Tableau ‘help-desk’ to keep up your sleeve in case of emergencies!


  • We will start the day by familiarising ourselves with the key terminology and turn of phrase used when discussing the functions and features of Tableau Desktop.
  • Next we will dive into building some of the more commonly used chart types and customising these beyond the ‘out of the box’ Tableau presets!
  • We’ll walk through the key principles to keep in mind when building a useful (and therefore used!) dashboard for any audience.
  • We’ll explore the multitude of resources to keep you at the top of your game!
  • Finally, we will review our ‘Tableau Emergency’ plan and walk out the door feeling inspired, empowered and excited to tackle our Tableau adventures head-on!

Prereqs & Preparation

Please download the Tableau Desktop and use the 14 day trial.  Students will benefit most from this workshop if they have already reviewed the following free online training: (not compulsory!)

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