Data-Driven Storytelling: Creating Infographics and Data Visualisations Workshop | Online

About this workshop

Data has become the most important resource for every business, and so the ability to distill raw numbers into meaningful messages is coveted by employers and entrepreneurs alike. But the insights gained from data analysis will only ever be truly valuable if they can be clearly expressed to other people – bosses, colleagues, clients, customers, or other stakeholders.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to turn raw data or dense information into a clear visual story through infographics and data visualization. You'll discuss the key principles for planning an effective visual, discuss examples of best (and worst) practice, and learn repeatable and practical design techniques for enhancing the story.

We'll also give you an overview of useful tools that will help you turn your idea into a finished infographic or data visualization.

This workshop will be most useful for anybody working with lots of data (as an analyst, data scientist, academic, finance officer, or business manager) who needs to find creative ways to effectively convey the meaning to other people.


  • Be able to evaluate the elements that make an infographic or visualization effective, through discussion of good and bad examples.
  • Find out the difference between infographics and data visualization and how they work together.
  • Discover quick and repeatable visual tricks for ensuring infographics convey a clear message.
  • Learn to tailor your approach to different audiences and contexts.
  • Learn how to create infographics, visualizations quickly using a toolkit of online resources.
  • Understand how online, interactive visualizations work and how to create them.

Prereqs & Preparation

This class is for people who may be experts in the data they work with, but are beginners when it comes to creating infographics and visualizations. This is an interactive class, so bring along an idea for a visualization that you'd like to create, and pens and paper so that we can sketch it out. Bring along a laptop so that you'll be able to get hands-on with the online tools and resources.

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