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About this workshop

There's so much more to a website than meets the eye — without HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, websites would simply be boring, poorly formatted documents, and our digital lives, habits, and experiences? Non-noteworthy, if not nonexistent.

Although the website building process is not difficult, it is layered. This bootcamp will teach you to create meaningful website experiences through HTML, define a website's brand and image through CSS, and create user engagement and responsive elements through JavaScript.

The one-day online coding bootcamp will enable you to learn the basics of interactive website creation and develop a programmer's mindset, which encourages persistence in the face of constant challenges.


  • Describe the roles of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming language in web development.
  • Create a well-structured HTML document using elements and attributes.
  • Use CSS coding language to apply styles to an HTML document.
  • Understand fundamental JavaScript syntax.
  • Use JavaScript to respond to user interactions on a webpage.

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