Channel King in a week: Channel Marketing Bootcamp

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

Channel King in a week: Channel Marketing Bootcamp | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

About this workshop series

In this Bootcamp you’ll be discovering how to use the different available channels to your brands’ advantage. You’ll learn how to represent your brand consistently over different channels, which media work best when, how to make most use of external influences, learn how to effectively use the most commonly used tools and programs, and see how you can measure and improve what you do. All of this you will immediately apply to your own situation, so you will walk away with concrete deliverables for your brand.

Schedule: November 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 9am - 5pm

Day 1 - Strategy: - Intro to Channel Marketing - Integrated media planning - Your Brand + strategy - Developing content - Setting up your channels

Day 2 - Social: - Using social media to create influence - Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Linkedin - Community Management - Scheduling/Channel Specific content - Kloot/BufferApp

Day 3 – Search (&Advertise) - Search Engine Introduction - Search Engine Optimising - Search Engine Advertising/Google Adwords - E-Mail Marketing - Facebook advertising

Day 4 - Show: - Introduction to Analytics - What do you want to measure and how do you do it? - Setting goals and analysing them - Improving conversions

Day 5 - Surprise: - Preparation time - Making a campaign - - Doing presentations/receiving individual feedback - Celebration and networking event


After this Bootcamp you'll have a very clear understanding of how to use all existing channels to your advantage. you do not only have new knowledge and skills, but you have also build a channel marketing plan for your brand, and have implemented quite a few necessary changes. You are ready to be a Channel King!

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