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Modern Technology Is Changing Business Models and Talent Needs

Digitization is changing the world of work, and nowhere is this shift more keenly felt than in tech departments. Engineering teams need to rapidly scale up — and skill up — to modernize legacy systems and migrate to the cloud. However, 67% of technology leaders report an inability to acquire the talent they need. The most innovative companies are building diverse talent pipelines to close the skills gap.
Statistics source: Harvey Nash and KPMG, CIO Survey.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Tech Teams

Solve for critical talent gaps while bolstering your ability to capitalize on new technology. Our industry-leading Immersive courses build fluency in modern languages, frameworks, and libraries. More experienced technologists can access specialized courses to hone DevOps and cloud-native development skills.
Our innovative train-to-hire approach allows you to source, train, and deploy talent quickly. Re-engineer the skill profile of your workforce in response to changing needs.

Grow Internal Engineering Teams

Transformative programs that reskill high-potential talent into your most in-demand roles.

Software Engineering Immersive

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 12 Weeks | 480 hours

Reskill non-technical talent into full-stack engineering roles where they can make immediate contributions to software projects.

Java Developer Immersive

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 12 Weeks | 480 hours

Expand your Java development workforce with experiential training in the most in-demand skills — core Java, Spring Boot, testing, and Agile.

Move to the Cloud

Specialized training for more experienced engineers to perform new and essential functions.

Cloud-Native Development Accelerator

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 30 hours

Take full advantage of cloud infrastructure by leveling up your Java engineers to build scalable web applications with the Spring framework.

DevOps Accelerator

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 30 hours

Optimize your delivery pipeline by training engineers in Agile and XP workflows, CI/CD, testing, and automation to ensure seamless deployments.

Our Approach to Building Tech Talent

We offer full-funnel support to fill your most important roles.

  • Source

    Our team can build a candidate pipeline by identifying high-potential employees or externally sourcing new talent who will be a great match for your company.

  • Train

    Our curriculum is built and taught by experts, with the goal of equipping developers to make an immediate impact on your teams and projects.

  • Deploy

    Onboard newly skilled talent seamlessly, as they have been trained in your company's tools, frameworks, and technology culture.

Begin scaling your technology team.

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