Foster Success With Strategic Onboarding

General Assembly offers innovative programs that reduce turnover and bolster businesses.

  1. Train new hires in web development, data science, digital marketing, product management, and design.
  2. Educate teams to establish alignment on company goals, culture, and values.
  3. Coach employees to keep teams engaged and cultivate continuous growth.

Strengthen Your Company, One Hire at a Time

Powered by data-driven assessments, General Assembly’s Talent Pipeline as a Service (TPaaS) reinvents and optimizes the employee onboarding experience. We offer a holistic training program that benchmarks competencies and prepares incoming team members at any level for success in their role.

Our innovative short- and long-form programs focus on technical skills, company background, and industry knowledge to get new hires over the learning curve faster.

  • Decrease turnover rate by ensuring new hires have the technical and interpersonal skills they need to succeed.
  • Increase time to productivity by providing practical, job-specific training.
  • Align candidates with your company culture to create a work environment of trust, shared values, and excitement.

Cultivate employees who thrive.

Discover how smart onboarding can revolutionize productivity and company culture.

Case Study: How a Financial Giant Built a Dream Team of Developers

The global corporation tapped GA to help transform non-computer science graduates into software engineers.


Wanted: Skilled Coders

A leader in the financial sector, our client had hundreds of open web development positions to fill.


With today’s huge digital skills gap, the global organization struggled with finding enough qualified talent to bring its tech team up to speed. It also wanted to put action behind its commitment to boost employee diversity.


A Strategy With Multiple Wins

Through GA’s Advanced Skills Academy, a rigorous six-month training program, the company tapped talent outside the market’s limited pool of tech resources to build its ideal dev team.


Together, we onboarded a diverse group of liberal arts graduates in both software engineering skills and company culture to create a collaborative, interdisciplinary team.


Building the Future of Tech

Over the next year, the global banking organization will have trained over 200 diverse new hires with General Assembly.


This group of employees gets the instruction needed to start Day One on the job fully prepared: adept at software engineering and immersed in the company’s unique culture.

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