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GA Apprenticeships, Powered by Interapt

General Assembly
February 7, 2023

Apprenticeships are one of the oldest forms of education in human history, but there’s something about them that still captures our imagination. It probably has something to do with their brilliant simplicity: if you want to learn a new skill, the most direct route is to just start practicing it under the supervision of an expert. It makes sense that the best learning happens when you’re developing your skills in a real-world context — while earning an actual paycheck. 

With employers facing a historically tight labor market and an economy still recovering in the wake of the pandemic (not to mention declining college enrollment and mounting skepticism about the value of the four-year degree), workers and employers alike are in search of new solutions to these persistent problems — and are turning to apprenticeships. 

To help address these workforce challenges, we’re launching GA Apprenticeships, Powered by Interapt, a tech apprenticeship solution designed to fast-track high-potential, overlooked talent into careers in software engineering, data, and cybersecurity. With the launch of GA Apprenticeships, employers will gain a derisked opportunity to onboard entry-level tech talent — while also enabling apprentices to earn a salary as they learn alongside senior-level developers. 

Read on to get a taste of what’s involved. 

How GA’s Apprenticeship Works

GA Apprenticeships will provide candidates with GA’s industry-leading training along with one-on-one coaching from Interapt — a skills development firm approved by the U.S. government to deploy registered apprenticeship programs. In addition, apprentices will receive mentorship from experienced technical managers and access a growing virtual community of peers and mentors for future job opportunities.

As part of the program, candidates not only develop foundational tech skills and gain experience working in teams with more experienced colleagues, but also build a support network that enables relationship building, long-term job satisfaction, and career mobility — all without the outsized financial burden of other training models or degree programs.

For employers, GA Apprenticeships presents an opportunity to hire newly trained workers into full-time roles at the end of their apprenticeship, creating a stronger and more diverse talent pipeline at a time when demand for tech talent continues to grow. Companies also have the added benefit of knowing that apprentices were trained on-site for the specific functions and roles they need, reducing onboarding time and boosting retention. 

Why It matters now

As the country’s labor market continues to tighten, apprenticeships — along with other forms of work-based learning — are beginning to gain increased traction as an approach that can both meet employers’ talent development needs and provide pathways to stable employment and careers. GA Apprenticeships will empower employers to tackle critical talent shortages in a sustainable way. And prepare early talent for in-demand technical jobs.  

“Business leaders consistently tell us that tech talent shortages are one of the greatest threats they face today, limiting growth and innovation. This talent crisis results in companies prioritizing speed in filling these roles, at the expense of thoughtful hiring and onboarding practices. Our take on apprenticeships is designed to give companies access to the talent they need in order to maintain their competitive edge — without sacrificing diversity, training and culture development. By marrying sourcing, hiring and training, with Interapt, into a single model, we can save companies valuable time, while also creating a much more robust and integrated employee experience.” 

Lisa Lewin, Former CEO of General Assembly

The original form of learning while earning. Apprenticeships have always enabled individuals to gain hands-on experience while also receiving a salary or other compensation. GA Apprenticeships updates this model for modern times to address the unique blend of current job market challenges from both sides: employee and employer. 

Accelerating an approach that works

The design of GA Apprenticeships is rooted in a proven approach. Our training methods at General Assembly have been key to enabling industry leaders such as Accenture, ServiceNow, and Adobe to fuel their own in-house apprenticeships program.

As we expand our partnership with Interapt, we’ll now be able to further accelerate apprenticeship pipelines for companies across industries, helping employers like Humana, CVS, and Merck — who have already started to pilot this model — build internal mobility and improve retention through a commitment to on-the-job learning experiences.

“Interapt has been working with General Assembly since 2018 to create programming and learn-to-earn opportunities that can have a significant impact on employers as well as apprentices who build meaningful careers during and post-program. We are incredibly proud of the work that has already been done, but also know that we have just scratched the surface when it comes to creating equitable access to tech careers and improving diversity in tech overall.”

Ankur Gopal, CEO and Founder of Interapt.

We have no doubt that this next generation of tech apprenticeships will have an outsized impact on both employers and job seekers. We’re thrilled to partner with employers who are ready to attract and retain diverse tech talent through GA Apprenticeships

Curious to learn more? 

If you’re interested in learning more about how General Assembly can help you build your own tech apprenticeship program, get in touch

Additionally, we recently published a white paper that delves into the apprenticeship model and how it applies to modern business entitled Putting Apprenticeships to Work: How work-based learning is helping to close the digital talent gap. 

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Advice for building a stronger apprenticeship ecosystem
  • A tour through the evolution of apprenticeships from the Middle Ages to modern day 
  • An overview of public policy and how registered apprenticeships work 

Download the white paper here.


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