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WarnerMedia Tech University is excited to partner with General Assembly (GA) to accelerate your professional growth with expert-led training in technology, career development, data, design, digital marketing, product management, and more. This exclusive opportunity helps you attain in-demand skills, and connect with innovators and potential collaborators at exclusive workshops around the world. 

WarnerMedia Tech University + General Assembly

Evening + Weekend Workshops: Learn Fundamentals, Insights, and Trends

Discover new interests, tips, and strategies in informative sessions that range from two hours to two days. Led by industry experts, brush up on skills that drive business success while expanding your professional network.

Enhance Your Skill Set With GA’s Wide Range of Fast-Paced, Short-Form Offerings

From coding basics to SEO strategies to design best practices, gain resume-building skills in engaging, interactive workshops. Get hands-on with the latest tools in data visualization, JavaScript, project management, social media, and more.

Follow These Easy Steps to Get Started With WarnerMedia Tech University-Sponsored Workshops

1. Browse Workshops


1. Browse Workshops

Click the Browse Workshops button below to search a wide range of introductory, high-impact sessions across GA’s 20+ campuses around the world.

2. Discuss Next Steps


2. Discuss Next Steps 

Speak with your manager to confirm that your session’s topic, date, and time fit your career goals and work schedule. By participating in the sponsorship program, you’re eligible to register for two fully-paid workshops.

3. Register


3. Register

Choose the session that works for you. On the registration page, enter
the code ep_turner_12680 to receive the program discount. 

4. Show Up and Learn!


4. Show Up and Learn! 

You’ll receive a confirmation email and instructions from GA prior to your workshop’s start date. Refunds and no shows will be recorded and count against your eligibility for future sessions. 

Attend a Workshop

Join a session online or at a GA campus near you. 

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“Today’s tech landscape requires proficiency in the right mix of skills to enable high performance, career mobility, and ultimately career success. General Assembly is designed to provide you with options to support your career goals. Whether you enjoy learning online or in person, partner with your manager to create a roadmap to develop your skills. Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself, and keep learning!”

– Stacey Rivers, Director of Human Capital Management, WarnerMedia Technology & Operations

About General Assembly

General Assembly transforms careers and companies through leading-edge programs in software engineering, data, design, digital marketing, and more. Our team has worked with hundreds of companies across the globe — including more than 40 of the Fortune 500 — to upskill, reskill, and revolutionize their teams. With more than 21,000 corporate employees trained, and 70,000 alumni from our full- and part-time programs, our solutions provide immediate and proven impact on the job.