Hello UX

Let’s get together. Receive complimentary UX services from our skilled student designers by joining our Client Project Program today.

Become a Client

How It Works

Clients are assigned a team of UX design students, who collaborate with them to provide research and design for an app, website, or product in 2-3 week sprints. As a client, you get deliverables; our students get to apply their skills to real business needs.


What You Get

All clients receive approximately 2-3 weeks of dedicated UX work, including implementable design solutions and product insights. Solutions are customized, based on stakeholder goals, business needs — and above all, what will best suit the user.



  • Key takeaways from user research
  • Usability testing results
  • Personas


  • Project plan
  • Regular check-ins and status reports
  • Use cases, user stories, and user flows
  • Additional suggested features and/or redesign recommendations


  • Sitemaps
  • Wireframes
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Clickable prototypes you can hand over to an engineering team or developer*

*Please note: While designers will not be building out fully-functioning websites or applications, the prototypes created and delivered to clients will convey a clear idea of what the final product should look like.

Who We Work With

We work with companies big and small and clients from nonprofits and startups to established corporations. Hear from our clients in their own words:

The level of market research and insights [the team] brought back would have taken months and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The level of detail really blows me away. I’m almost speechless.

- Stevie Lang, Vice President, Marketing & Digital Technology


GA’s UX team went above and beyond to deliver a comprehensive plan based on their knowledge, research, and user testing, which we’ve been able to use as a foundation for the next version of our customer onboarding process.

- Stefanie Botelho, Founder & CEO


What We’ll Need From You

If you’re selected to participate, we’ll require the following:

Attendance & Availability

You’ll need to attend an initial, in-person kick-off meeting, as well as a 1-hour final presentation meeting where you’ll see the team’s finished work.

You’ll need to be available via email and phone 3–5 hours a week.

If an on-site perspective is beneficial to the project, you may be asked to host a site visit at your office for the design team assigned to you.

Access & Agreement

You’ll need to provide

  • Existing metrics and analytics
  • Design files and assets (style guides, fonts, etc.)
  • Access to the site, product and/or feature in development
  • A representative sample of customers willing to take part in user interviews and usability tests
  • Consent for our designers to showcase project deliverables on their online portfolios