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Learn industry fundamentals through GA’s  expert-crafted lessons, quizzes, and downloadable guides, while honing core techniques you can apply on the job. Tackle challenges and receive project feedback from expert mentors at any point in the program. 

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The skills assessments included in GA’s On Demand programs enable you to evaluate your skills in the key areas that are required to succeed in fast-growing industries. Discover how your scores stack up against other test takers, identify areas for improvement, and pinpoint proficiencies in core areas.

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Digital Marketing On Demand

Launch multi-channel brand, acquisition, and retention campaigns with customer insight, CRM, analytics, SEO, and more.

Data Analysis On Demand

Use Excel, SQL, and Tableau to spot trends, drive business decisions, and share insights through data visualizations and dashboards.

User Experience Design On Demand

Design successful digital products using techniques like prototyping, affinity mapping, wireframing, and user research.

Scott Pierce Wrobel

"The initial learning curve was steep when it came to concepts like branches on Git...but using them daily throughout the course forced us to become more comfortable. As each day passed, I realized just how my military training had prepared me for the training I needed to launch a new career in the tech economy." 

Scott Pierce-Wrobel, Web Development Immersive (WDI)* Graduate and Marine Veteran

About General Assembly

General Assembly transforms careers and companies through leading-edge programs in software engineering, data, design, digital marketing, and more. Our team has worked with hundreds of companies across the globe — including more than 40 of the Fortune 500 — to upskill, reskill, and revolutionize their teams. With more than 21,000 corporate employees trained, and 70,000 alumni from our full- and part-time programs, our solutions provide immediate and proven impact on the job.

* In 2019, Web Development Immersive was updated and relaunched as Software Engineering Immersive.