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D3 Visualizations

D3 — which stands for “Data-Driven Documents” — is a JavaScript library that helps you bring data to life. By knowing how to use D3 visualizations, you can manipulate documents using data to create dynamic infographics, powerful charts, and informative graphs.


Dashboards organize and display live visual updates of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), giving businesses valuable insights in real time. By knowing how to create dashboards, you can bring informative, immediate, and impactful visuals to any data-driven organization.


Answer questions with hard data using Structured Query Language (SQL). This easy-to-learn programming language is used for accessing, cleaning, and extracting data stored in any database. Because so many companies leverage data to inform business decisions, SQL experts are in high demand.


Learn to tell compelling stories through data with Tableau. The industry-leading software lets you analyze data sets and communicate impactful insights to any audience — from peers to stakeholders — using interactive visualizations and real-time dashboards.

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