How do you make your brand stand out from the noise? It’s all in the marketing. In our digital marketing course in San Francisco, learn the leading-edge strategies you need to launch successful online campaigns, build an engaged audience, increase ROI, and drive sales.

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Meet Our Expert: Alicia Morga, Digital Marketing Instructor, GA San Francisco

Alicia Morga

What personal qualities will set someone up for success in digital marketing?

GA instructor Alicia Morga says, “The great thing about digital marketing is that it encompasses a number of jobs that can fit different personality types. If you’re super analytical, a job working with Google Analytics might be a fit. If you’re really good with words, you might be great in a job writing marketing copy. Or, if you’re an extrovert, social media marketing might be your home.”

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Seth Gourson

Seth Gourson

Digital Marketing Instructor

Will Hayes

Will Hayes

Digital Marketing Instructor