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Your First Infographic: Finding Patterns


Larry Buchanan
Journalist, Designer & Coder, The New Yorker

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About This Class

This class aims to teach students how to find simple patterns in data and sketch their first infographic. Students will work with Larry as he uses Google Docs to find patterns in data and then explores a variety of chart formats. By the end of the class, students will have sketches of infographics that will help them get to a finished product.


  • Introduction 2:23
  • Process 2:00
  • Sketching and Refining 19:34
  • Today's Project 25:37
  • Q&A 8:17


  • Learn how to find simple patterns in data
  • Use sketching to explore powerful visuals

About the Instructor(s)


Larry Buchanan
Journalist, Designer & Coder
The New Yorker

Larry Buchanan would love to debate the merits of your gradient-y buttons or argue with you about fonts. He's a freelance designer and illustrator who's designed things for Nike, ESPN, The Onion, Mashable, and the US Government. He recently completed the GA web dev immersive class, so he knows enough Javascript and Ruby to be dangerous.

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