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Write Emails Your Users Will Actually Read


Colin Nederkoorn

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About This Class

You’re responsible for the emails your business sends, but emailing ALL of your users makes you anxious. It’s time to stop worrying and learn to love email. In this class, you’ll exercise your email demons and learn simple techniques that will make your messages more focused, concise, and effective. By the time class is over, you’ll be on your way to writing winning content in every email you send.


  • Introduction 3:35
  • Email Decisions 6:30
  • Subject Lines 8:55
  • Content Layout 7:41
  • Don't Forget Mobile 1:18
  • Content Choice 7:32
  • Content Voice 1:57
  • Content A.I.D.A 23:00


  • Learn the fundamentals and develop explicit actions you can take to improve your emails.
  • Write subject lines that will actually have people wanting to open your email.
  • Discover a powerful framework to help you create compelling email copy.

About the Instructor(s)


Colin Nederkoorn

Colin Nederkoorn has a weekly email list (about writing great emails) with a 50% open rate. He’s the CEO of (an email focused SaaS product). The most fun part of his job is providing people with feedback and advice on their emails.

He was previously Head of Product at and helped build the product and grow the team from 3 - 14 people.

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