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Why User Experience Matters

Dan Maccarone
Co-Founder, Charming Robot

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About This Class

Learn how a brand comes into reality as the experience design evolves. We'll focus on decisions in the product development timeline that are tied to the original product strategy. We will look at real-world examples that showcase successes and failures of digital product branding.


  • Introduction 1:01
  • Creating a Product Experience 1:16
  • Creating a Brand Experience 3:30
  • Forcing a Product To Do One Thing Right 1:51
  • Think Like a User, Not a Marketer 5:44
  • A Feature Set Is Not a Strategy 5:21
  • The Medium Should Dictate the Experience 3:09
  • Q: Which websites have great UX design? 3:57
  • Q: What do you think of infinite scroll? 1:06
  • Q: How do you track user feedback? 1:56
  • Think About First Time Users 2:12
  • Every Decision Adds Complexity 3:26
  • Don't Follow the Herd 6:54
  • Most People Don't Know What They Want 1:52
  • Understand Who to Listen to and Why 3:44
  • Bad Design Can Succeed When a Problem Is Solved 4:09
  • Launching Is Just the Beginning 0:22
  • Q: What blogs or website do you follow? 1:21


  • The role of UX in every stage of the digital product development process
  • How to avoid chasing UX trends and gimmicks
  • How to narrow the focus of your product to make it successful
  • Determine the roles of everyone involved in the digital product cycle

About the Instructor(s)

Dan Maccarone
Charming Robot

Dan Maccarone is the co-founder of Charming Robot, a product design company based in NYC. For the past twelve years, he has been helping startups and media companies shape their online product strategy, including foursquare, Rent the Runway, Jetsetter and Savored. His experience also includes television, music and print media, and he has worked with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Gawker, Saturday Night Live, Universal Music and The Wall Street Journal. One of his most noted projects was creating the original strategy and user experience for Hulu. Prior to Charming Robot, Dan co-founded the design agency Hard Candy Shell. Dan received his Master's Degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and his Bachelor of Arts from Colby College in English and Performing Arts.

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