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UX for Non-Designers: Positioning Your Content

Lis Hubert
Independent Consultant, Hubert Experience Design

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About This Class

The way information is designed affects how we process it—from reading the nutrition labels on packaging to the site map of a website. Organizing your content effectively is critical to influencing the decisions your audience makes; whether to buy your product, stay on your blog, or switch to Lolcats.

In this class, Lis will demonstrate UX strategies to help you come up with ideas, frame problems in new ways, and work on design solutions.


  • Introduction 5:19
  • What is Information Architecture? 3:08
  • Step 1: Audit 4:44
  • Step 2: Inventory 8:13
  • Step 3: Prioritize 5:33
  • Step 4: Group Items 3:41
  • Step 5: Placing your content 22:13


  • Audit and centralize all of your content
  • Refine what you have and create an information hierarchy

About the Instructor(s)

Lis Hubert
Independent Consultant
Hubert Experience Design

An independent consultant based in New York City, Lis helps businesses of all sizes ensure their product meets users’ needs. She has worked with clients such as ESPN Mobile, ESPNW and Viacom Media Networks. Lis also serves on the advisory board for Future Insights, a role which enables her to contribute new ideas to the design community.

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