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Turning User Insight into Product


Rachel Derkits-Gelman
Co-Founder, Tembow

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About This Class

You have a great product idea and a hunch about what people will want. Now it’s time to test and refine your ideas. Designer and entrepreneur Rachel Derkits-Gelman will give you tools and methods to conduct user research, turn observations into actionable insights, and define the basic value proposition and core feature set of your minimum viable product.


  • Introduction 2:04
  • Forming Your Hypothesis 3:43
  • Creating a Research Plan 17:54
  • Conducting Field Research 8:02
  • Gaining Insight From Observations 6:53
  • Brainstorming and Prioritizing Your Core Features 11:32
  • Bringing It All Together 1:33


  • Identify the target consumer, basic value proposition, and core feature set for your Minimal Viable Product
  • Use tools to take an idea from a hypothesis to a product
  • Describe the User-Centered Design Process
  • Explain how your target user will use your product

About the Instructor(s)


Rachel Derkits-Gelman

Rachel is the Co-Founder of Tembow. Rachel was previously a Human Factors Specialist at IDEO, where she was the lead researcher on brand strategy, retail strategy, digital strategy, product development & experience design.

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