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Translating Your Skills to a New Role


Kevin Kermes
Founder, All Things Career

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About This Class

How do you land that seemingly impossible job? Kevin Kermes is a hiring expert who knows just how you should position yourself when on the hunt for a new gig.


  • Intro 0:57
  • Translating Your Skills 1:18
  • Translation #Fails (And How to Avoid Them) 2:17
  • Who's Hiring You? 1:58
  • Deliver Your Message 2:00
  • Overcome the Experience Gap 2:07


• Understand how to translate your skills for a new role. • Learn about skill translation pitfalls and how to avoid them. • Gain insight into the perspective of hiring audiences.

About the Instructor(s)


Kevin Kermes
All Things Career

Kevin Kermes is a former Infantry Officer, Headhunter, Author and Speaker. He writes weekly for 280,000+ subscribers at Career Attraction and Every Veteran Hired with the simple mission of providing smart, actionable advice that gets results.

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