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Three Strategies for Designing Persuasive Presentations


Andre Plaut
Product Lead - Immersives, General Assembly

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About This Class

Whether you’re speaking to your board of directors, pitching a product to a group of strangers, or walking through your portfolio in an interview, your presentation must be designed to persuade a specific audience. In this class, you'll learn the skills necessary to better understand your audience, design compelling visuals, and to apply the storytelling components that make up a great presentation.


  • Introduction 4:26
  • Presentation Strategy 18:30
  • Presentation Content 14:22
  • Presentation Design 13:25
  • Q&A 10:20


  • Learn how to identify the needs of your audience
  • Create compelling visuals that help tell a story
  • Utilize problem/solution mapping in order to define the content for your presentation.

Prereqs & Preparation


About the Instructor(s)


Andre Plaut
Product Lead - Immersives
General Assembly

Over the last seven years, Andre Plaut has been designing & delivering learning experiences for Apple, Obama for America, and General Assembly. As a training coordinator at Apple, Andre created and delivered internal training materials to retail employees all over the world. During the 2012 Obama campaign, Andre worked with campaign staff to redesign, organize, and implement training initiatives and materials to better prepare new volunteers for the field. Now, at General Assembly, Andre leads the product team responsible for designing, implementing, and scaling full-time courses around Web Development, User Experience Design, and Product Management.

Andre has also published articles and spoken at conferences about the intersection of design and education.

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