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The Lean Startup Applied


Peter Bell

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About This Class

You're probably heard about the benefits that startups are getting from a lean methodology. Replacing long product development cycles with quick, iterative feedback to build better businesses more quickly and cost effectively. But I still find that most entrepreneurs don't fully understand just how quickly it is possible to prototype and learn about their businesses. In this session we'll provide detailed, practical tools you can use to "stop building and start learning" for your business.


  • Introduction 4:47
  • Building vs. Learning 19:28
  • Reducing Business Risk 17:03
  • The Lean Canvas 8:34
  • One Metric That Matters 6:12
  • Q: If one the buisness risks is time to market, how can then lean methodology help? 1:31
  • Q: How do you feel about outsourcing web developers or another team outside your company? 1:30


  • Use the lean methodology
  • Replace long product development cycles
  • Stop building and start learning for your business

About the Instructor(s)


Peter Bell

Peter is founder and CTO of Speak Geek. He teaches business people to more effectively hire and manage developers - even if they don’t know how to code. He also provides help with coming up with mobile strategies, lean product development and specifying software and provides due diligence on engineers and outsourcing companies.

Peter is also a contract member of the Github training team and teaches a wide range of developer topics - from git, github, chef, devOps and hosting/scaling topics to neo4j, mongodb, redis, client MVC frameworks, javascript, ruby, python and java.

He has presented at a range of conferences including DLD conference, ooPSLA, QCon (New York, San Francisco and Shanghai), RubyNation, SpringOne2GX, Code Generation, Practical Product Lines, the British Computer Society Software Practices Advancement conference, DevNexus, cf.Objective(), CF United, Scotch on the Rocks, WebDU, WebManiacs, UberConf, the Rich Web Experience and the No Fluff Just Stuff Enterprise Java tour.

He has been published in IEEE Software, Dr. Dobbs, IBM developerWorks, Information Week, Methods & Tools, Mashed Code, NFJS the Magazine and GroovyMag. He's currently writing a book on managing software development for Pearson.

He is an organizer of the CTO School - an organization in NYC devoted to creating the next generation of technical leaders. He also organizes the node.js meetup in New York and co-organizes the Domain Driven Design and Grails meetups.

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