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The Future of News


Chris Dannen
Senior Editor, Technology, FastCompany

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About This Class

Publishers are moving away from the blog-style publishing and towards dynamic, formats that make the "article" look old fashioned. What's driving the change? Interactivity! Here's what's behind the next generationof the interactive published piece at FastCompany, where the editors and engineers are building out new story formats, self-updating news, and social infrastructure around their content. Here's what these new types of articles mean for your content and your creative process


  • Introduction 1:35
  • How News Will Change 11:17
  • Tracking 19:56
  • Reach and Efficiency 4:17
  • Things to Be Aware of 19:07


  • How you can take what FastCompany has learned and put it to use in your own content site
  • Principles behind a next-gen content site
  • What these new formats mean for staffing, costs, marketing and profit

About the Instructor(s)


Chris Dannen
Senior Editor, Technology

Chris is a Senior Editor at FastCompany digital and the lead technology editor of Co.Labs, the experimental publishing lab here in New York City. He is the co-creator of Writebot and makes experimental iOS apps at Dannen / White in Brooklyn.

Previously, Chris wrote for CBS MoneyWatch, Forbes, MIT Technology Review, The Atlantic, INC, Rolling Stone and Discover magazines. He was a staff consultant for ReD Associates in Copenhagen and New York, where he worked mostly on user interface projects for Samsung Electronics. As an independent consultant for Microsoft Corp, Chris created the very first official UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone.

Chris has written two books on iOS design and development and one book about Google Voice, available on Amazon. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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