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Responsive Web Design

Jon Troutman
Co-Founder & Creative Director, Canary

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About This Class

Designing for the web is no longer what it used to be. The number of devices with internet access and web-browsing capabilities is growing at a rapid rate. In order to deliver a solid web experience for your users, it's essential to design for these varying use cases. Enter responsive web design. Learn the basic concepts and tools needed to design and build a mobile-first responsive web experience. We'll cover topics such as media-queries, progressive enhancement, setting appropriate breakpoints, and establishing a percentage-based grid. Get up-to-speed with the basic understanding you need to get started, and throw pixels and fixed-width layouts to the wind.


  • Introduction 2:27
  • Why Separate Mobile Sites Won't Work 3:14
  • Let's Get Started 7:45
  • Working the Body 1:22
  • Q: What's that code shortcut? 1:22
  • Give It Some Style 4:31
  • Q: How big is an em? 5:52
  • Media Queries 7:37
  • Setting Up Your Grid 17:17
  • Q: Can breakpoints be relative? 3:28
  • Adding More Detail 4:18
  • Additional Resources 6:10


  • Explain what responsive web design is and discuss the key concepts involved
  • Identify what defines a "great web experience" in 2013
  • Acknowledge the key challenges in responsive web design today

About the Instructor(s)

Jon Troutman
Co-Founder & Creative Director

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