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Programming for Non-Programmers Series: CSS and Advanced HTML


Adrian Bautista
Full-Stack Developer, General Assembly

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About This Class

Whether you work in teams with developers and want to speak their language or are want to learn how to code for yourself, our Programming for Non-Programmers (PFNP) class series can help you learn basic programming concepts.

In this third class in the PFNP series, we’ll take a deeper look at front-end web development, designed to give you enough information about elements, tags, structure, and design to get started with simple webpages. Join Adrian as he takes you through "code-along" exercises that you can use to build your first "About Me" page.


  • Introduction and Semantic Tags 9:17
  • Create a Cascading Style Sheet 10:44
  • Use semantic tags in your CSS 9:31
  • Margins and Padding in CSS 10:33
  • Final Product with CSS 8:01


  • Upload a web page to a server using FTP and obtain a domain name
  • Identify the difference between HTML5/CSS3 and HTML/CSS
  • Learn basic styling properties and how to connect them with HTML tags

Prereqs & Preparation

Sign-up for free Sublime Text ( and Google Drive ( accounts.

About the Instructor(s)


Adrian Bautista
Full-Stack Developer
General Assembly

Adrian Bautista currently works at Betterment as a full-stack software engineer. He originally graduated college with a degree in economics and film, but soon discovered a higher calling from the tech and startup community. So he graduated from General Assembly’s first Web Development Immersive course in December 2012 and has continued to build web products since.

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