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Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversion


Chris Castiglione
Co-Founder, One Month (YC-backed learning platform)

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About This Class

A well designed landing page can greatly increase user conversion. In this class, we’ll introduce the best practices for building a quality landing page.

A/B testing and analytics can help you test website variations, but first you should know the basics of effective page design.


  • Introduction 0:53
  • Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversion 11:40
  • Process 10:31
  • Call to Action 6:48
  • Content Flirting 2:28
  • How to Remember What You Learned 6:00
  • Q: What if your landing page has only one action? 0:58
  • Q: Is there value to your heading being shorter or longer? 1:06
  • Q: Is it better to have the call to action link click to a different oage where the form would be for users? 0:53
  • Q: Is there a website where you can submit your landing page? 1:20


  • What to include in a headline
  • How to craft the perfect testimonial
  • Tips for reducing distractions on your page
  • The best call-to-action and how it affects your marketing funnel
  • Knowing if inbound traffic source requires its own landing page

About the Instructor(s)


Chris Castiglione
One Month (YC-backed learning platform)

Christopher Castiglione is a developer with a specialty in UX strategy and Front-end. He has over ten years of experience developing digital products. In the past, he has designed applications for clients ranging from The Black Eyed Peas, Bacardi, and Toyota.

In 2012, Christopher spoke at over 70 events on programming and APIs. He's taught at Columbia University, The University of Amsterdam, SXSW, and has provided corporate training for clients ranging from Donors Choose to The New York Stock Exchange and American Express.

Chris is currently a member of the General Assembly teaching faculty. More information can be found here.

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