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OfficeHours: Raising Startup Capital


Arie Abecassis
Venture Partner, DreamIt Ventures; Founder, ICONYC labs

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About This Class

In this session of Office Hours, venture capital expert Arie Abecassis dispenses info on funding new ventures.

We did our best to answer as many questions on air as possible. Look for upcoming Office Hours here.


  • Q: What outside funding options are there for idea stage startups? 2:25
  • Q: Do you need an accelerator if your product has already launched? 1:54
  • Q: How long should a startup wait before seeking outside capital? 1:03
  • Q: What are the top qualities of a startup that VCs look for? 2:19
  • Q: How should an entrepreneur weigh domain experience when targeting or picking investors? 2:02
  • Q: Should I raise money prior to generating revenue and traction? 3:05
  • Q: Do American venture capital firms require that startups operating abroad register as a U.S. company? 2:04
  • Q: When raising seed money by bootstrapping, what is typically offered to friends and family? Does it differ if you are an LLC versus a corporation? 3:26
  • Q: If a startup is interested in crowdfunding as a kickoff, is there a good formula for setting a funding goal? 3:34
  • Q: Do you agree with the advice "ask for advice if you're looking for money; ask for money if you're looking for advice"? 3:24


  • Determine capital requirements
  • Identify and approach potential investors
  • Compare and contrast angel investors and VC funds

Prereqs & Preparation

Watch “Raising Startup Capital” and check Office Hours to see if your questions were answered.

About the Instructor(s)


Arie Abecassis
Venture Partner
DreamIt Ventures; Founder, ICONYC labs

As a founder of ICONYC labs, and a Venture Partner at DreamIt Ventures, Arie spends most of his waking day (and probably a portion of some sleepless nights) turning ideas into reality and plans into action.

Arie has worked closely with a number of amazing founders and companies, including SeatGeek, Adaptly, BiznessApps and MAZ Digital. In addition to spending time with the General Assembly community, every now and then, Arie contributes his thoughts on the state of technology and entrepreneurship in various tech blogs.

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