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Network like an Entrepreneur: Strategies for Cold Calls, Social Media, and Events


Michael Roderick
CEO and Founder, Small Pond Enterprises

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About This Class

Networking is about more than passing out business cards and setting up your LinkedIn page. Michael will teach you strategies in the areas of cold calling, social media, and live events to help you win new clients and capture the attention of influencers.


  • Introduction 4:39
  • Cold Calls 2:37
  • Twitter 6:56
  • Linkedin 5:13
  • Facebook 7:11
  • Real Life 12:10
  • 1-on-1 17:44
  • Questions 15:32


  • Know how to soften cold calls
  • Learn strategies for engaging new clients on social media
  • Figure out how to work the room like an entrepreneur

Prereqs & Preparation

Sign up for a free LinkedIn, Twitter, and Meetup account.

About the Instructor(s)


Michael Roderick
CEO and Founder
Small Pond Enterprises

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