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Monetizing Your App

Glen Straub
Director, Global Monetization, Millennial Media

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About This Class

How do you go about turning your app idea into a real business? There are options galore: charging for it, selling virtual goods, or everyone’s guilty pleasure, running ads. Learn the tricks and trades of various mobile monetization strategies and put yourself in a position to grab your share of this rapidly growing $2B dollar market.


  • Introduction 1:22
  • Overview 3:19
  • Know your user 1:04
  • Important terms 1:46
  • Three ways to monetize 3:13
  • In-app 1:08
  • Real world examples 1:03
  • Paid downloads 2:25
  • In-app purchase 5:23
  • Mobile ads 2:40
  • Q: Does having X amount of users product X amount of revenue? 1:48
  • Ad placement 6:13
  • Q: Is my app worthy of advertising? 4:46
  • Q: What are the pros and cons of iAds and AdMob? 2:00
  • Q: How can I test? 1:32


  • Describe the nature of the mobile advertising marketplace.
  • Compare and contrast making a free or paid app.
  • Define and describe the kind of virtual good that customers will pay for.

About the Instructor(s)

Glen Straub
Director, Global Monetization
Millennial Media

Glen Nigel Straub used to write articles for the most traditional form of media…print publications. He's now monetizing the most revolutionary form…mobile apps. As the Director of Global Monetization for Millennial Media (NYSE:MM), Glen drives partnerships with premium and indie app developers, helping them generate revenue from the massive mobile advertising market. He started his mobile career back in 2008, before downloading apps was even a feature on the iPhone. He's also the curator of the nigelsounds playlist. Inquire within.

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