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Mobile + Tablet Advertising


Paul Canetti
Founder, CEO, MAZ

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About This Class

Web advertising has been around for over a decade, but mobile and tablet advertising is a new and quickly growing segment of online ads that promises to be the future of digital advertising. Between mobile and tablet web ads, in-app ads, and content-based advertising, there is a lot to learn about this emerging market. This class will give an overview of the various types of mobile and tablet advertising solutions and explore the ways in which you can implement ads into your mobile and tablet strategy.


  • Introduction 2:36
  • The ecosystem 1:11
  • Mobile Web 3:12
  • Apps 1:21
  • Mobile ad networks 6:20
  • There are no clicks in mobile 5:18
  • iAd 15:38
  • No targeting 8:14


  • Describe ad exchanges
  • Differentiate between types of ads, including in-app ads, banner ads and more
  • Identify what makes ads effective on phones and tablets

About the Instructor(s)


Paul Canetti
Founder, CEO

Paul is the founder and CEO of MAZ, a digital publishing platform for tablet and mobile devices. Having previously worked at Apple, Condé Nast, and as the Creative Director of an app development firm, Canetti truly understands the important intersection of media, design and technology.

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