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Making Hiring a Strength of Your Company


Daniel Chait
CEO and Founder, Greenhouse

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About This Class

Finding and landing the right talent is one of the most important drivers of any business. But how many companies are actually good at it? Even great entrepreneurs and companies suffer from unclear or fluffy job definitions, an inability to find enough good candidates, ad-hoc interviews by hastily convened teams, and unorganized closing and onboarding. Come explore ways to avoid these classic pitfalls, and how to run an effective hiring process


  • Introduction 1:56
  • Motivation 0:57
  • Common Problems 2:00
  • Envisioning the Solution 3:41
  • The Payoff of Hiring Excellence 0:36
  • Sourcing 10:58
  • Interviewing 1:50
  • Structured Interview Planning Step 1: Define The Job 2:11
  • Structured Interview Planning Step 2: Define The Ideal Candidate 4:28
  • Structured Interview Planning Steps 3 & 4: Review 2:02
  • Structured Interview Planning Step 5: Test For Ideal Candidate Traits 3:19
  • Q: When should you speak with references? 1:51
  • Q: When should you discuss compensation? 1:20
  • Behavioral Interviews 3:41
  • Q: What if the candidate doesn't have experience? 1:12
  • Q: After what initial period should you review performance? 1:23
  • Q: Who should conduct the final interview? 1:28
  • Q: Is there a difference between candidates with corproate and small business experience? 0:45
  • Q: What are some onboarding best practices? 1:47


  • Write better, more useful job descriptions that result in better candidates
  • Identify and take advantage of the best sources of candidates for your recruiting needs
  • Run a lean, mean interviewing process, with a recognition of why most interviews are a waste of time
  • Sell and close on offers effectively

About the Instructor(s)


Daniel Chait
CEO and Founder

Daniel Chait is the co-founder of Greenhouse ( a modern, smart recruiting platform. He previously co-founded Lab49, a strategy, design and technology consulting firm that builds advanced solutions for the world's leading investment banks, hedge funds and exchanges, where he was responsible for global Human Capital, including recruitment, strategic HR, performance management, and training. Daniel graduated in 1995 from the University of Michigan with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He has spoken and presented at numerous industry events including the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship, Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference and the Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference, and is a member of New York Angels.

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