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Job Hunting is like Dating


Amy Hoover
President, Co-Founder, Talent Zoo, Strongbox West

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About This Class

Find the one and fall in love with a new job through the expertise of Amy Hoover. Ask the right questions and look for the right qualities in order finally accept the right role.


  • Job Hunting is like Dating 1:11
  • Where Are All The Fish? 3:42
  • Look, I'm a Good Catch! 2:24
  • The Big Date 3:04
  • Is This The One? 1:16
  • I Think I Love You 1:31
  • We're So Great Together 1:10
  • Playing The Field 1:58


• Learn how to best find new job opportunities
• Edit your resume to highlight your strengths and stay relevant
• Understand the do's and don'ts of interviewing
• Learn how to pick between job opportunities
• Get tips on how to stay happy in your new job
• Consider a freelance or contract-based career

About the Instructor(s)


Amy Hoover
President, Co-Founder
Talent Zoo, Strongbox West

Amy is the President of online career site where creative, tech, marketing, and advertising professionals around the country come for new job opportunities, career advice, and industry trends. She was an Executive Recruiter with Talent Zoo for 12 years as well.

Amy also co-founded Strongbox West in 2009, and has grown it into the largest coworking & shared office space in the Southeast. Startups, freelancers, artists, and small businesses of all types come together to be more successful at Strongbox West.

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