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Introduction to Email Marketing


Anna Lindow
General Manager of Campus Education & Operations, General Assembly

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About This Class

Need to leverage email to reach your users, clients, or customers, but not sure where to start? This class is designed for absolute beginners to email marketing. We'll cover selecting an email service provider, setting up and designing your first email templates, and the basics of analyzing email campaign performance. If your business isn't using email as a marketing tool already, you should be, and we'll help you get started.


  • Introduction to Email Marketing 1:55
  • What is Email Marketing? 2:14
  • Why is Email Marketing Useful? 1:16
  • Getting Started with Email Marketing 6:09
  • Building a Campaign 15:09
  • Deploying a Campaign 23:34
  • Q: Is there a higher chance of being labeled as spam if you put a character in the subject line? 1:01
  • Q: Keeping the subject line the same on a weekly basis or changing it up? 1:13
  • Q: Is it best to use images or HTML base in an email? 1:37
  • Q: Is there a way to avoid getting emails sent to junk mail? 1:41


  • Be an effective email marketer
  • Use an email marketing service
  • Create an effective campaign

About the Instructor(s)


Anna Lindow
General Manager of Campus Education & Operations
General Assembly

Anna Lindow is the General Manager of Campus Education and Operations at General Assembly, which means she oversees education programming at GA's campuses and gets to do two of her favorite things: talk to people about their careers and make spreadsheets. In her spare time she plays guitar badly and codes in Ruby on Rails badly. She holds a BA in American Studies and Creative Writing from Columbia.

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