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How to Hire a Software Engineer


Sloane Barbour
Regional Director, Jobspring Partners, Workbridge Associates

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About This Class

The hiring market for software engineers is incredibly competitive. Companies are competing not only with each other, but also with the opportunity cost of a talented engineer taking a job instead of starting a company.

In this class, we will breakdown the problem of sourcing, identifying, screening, interviewing, closing, and hiring talented engineers. We will start with specific tactics that you can implement right away to increase your inbound candidate flow, discuss ways to engage and build a talent community, and finish by exploring the hiring road map to make sure your hiring process is efficient, effective, on budget, and on time.

This class is designed for anyone who is currently hiring a developer or will need to hire a developer in the near future. It is relevant for companies/teams of any size.


  • Introduction 3:34
  • Hiring Culture 4:10
  • Candidate Sourcing 3:20
  • The Most Effective Interview Process 16:35
  • Closing a New Hire 14:48


  • Understand the difference between passive recruiting and active recruiting, and how to maximize the effectiveness of both.
  • Identify who should be involved in the hiring process, and what an ideal interview process is.
  • Evaluate best practices for closing, hiring, and onboarding a new candidate.

Prereqs & Preparation

A written job description, or identifying an immediate need that needs to be filled.

About the Instructor(s)


Sloane Barbour
Regional Director
Jobspring Partners, Workbridge Associates

Sloane Barbour is a veteran sales leader with cross functional experience building sales teams in the staffing and recruiting industry, and direct and contingent labor recruitment and placement of technical candidates into a wide range of companies and industries; from the first technical hires at startups to building out entire software teams at fortune 100 companies. With experience crafting his trade in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, Sloane understands the complexities of different markets – and the unique challenges associated with building a winning sales team in different geographies and cultures. He now leads a staff of 50 recruiters and account managers in the New York City divisions of Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates, a duo of boutique technology staffing and consulting firms with offices in 11 cities in North America. He and his team also run an event series, Tech In Motion, that serves a talent community of nearly 25,000 engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, and makers across the country by hosting monthly networking and education meetups. He lives in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan with his wife Samantha.

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