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How to Build a Career in Social Media


Amy Cao
Creator, Stupidly Simple Snacks

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About This Class

In a time when unemployment is up and hiring is down in many industries, an unprecedented number of corporations, agencies, and startups are all vying for top social media talent to join their teams.

But what does it mean to build a social media career and become an in-demand player in the field? As a company, how do you find the right social media manager? As an individual, how can you maximize social media to make connections, build relationships, find a job, and grow your brand and following? How does social media foster a sense of community and translate to measurable growth for companies?


  • Introduction 6:17
  • Thinking About Yourself 1:59
  • What is Social Media? 2:51
  • Listening 2:48
  • Use Your Brain 4:33
  • Example: Warby Parker 2:29
  • Q: How important is content? 5:03
  • Do It Well 11:45
  • Creation Versus Curation 2:09
  • Don'ts 6:34


  • What is a Social Media Professional and how are job demands evolving?
  • How social media professionals can find the startup or company that fits them (and vice versa).
  • The secret sauce to successful social media strategies.
  • How you can maximize different social media platforms to further your brand or company.
  • Do you have to be on Pinterest?
  • What can you do to stand out from the pack?

About the Instructor(s)


Amy Cao
Stupidly Simple Snacks

Amy Cao works with FiftyThree, makers of Paper for iPad, which was named 2012 App of the Year by Apple. She is the creator of Stupidly Simple Snacks, a web series that shows you what to cook when you can’t. New episodes will premiere this summer on

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