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Getting Started with Facebook Advertising


Matt Monahan
Founder, AlphaBoost

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About This Class

Facebook has nearly one billion users. With an audience that large, there is an amazing opportunity to scale your business using the Facebook platform. This class is designed for everyone from startups to big brands that want to achieve better results from their Facebook marketing efforts.


  • Introduction 3:28
  • Getting to Know Facebook 12:40
  • Platform 5:36
  • Ads 11:02
  • Insights 23:43
  • Q: Can you contact your audience outside of Facebook? 0:47
  • Q: Is there a Facebook SDK available? 0:24
  • Q: How can you predict the R.O.Y on your Facebook efforts? 1:46


  • Compare and contrast paid, owned, and earned media, and be able to measure the ROI for each
  • Develop an objective-based Facebook advertising strategy – including 10 Awesome Facebook Ad Tactics
  • Create content that works on Facebook
  • Gather insights about your target audience on Facebook
  • Use quantitative decision analysis to achieve your social advertising goals

About the Instructor(s)


Matt Monahan

Matt Monahan is a social media, advertising and marketing professional. Matt studied at Stanford where he was one of the earliest Facebook Platform entrepreneurs to emerge from the “Facebook Class”. Matt is co-founder of Sharethrough and advisor to Wildfire Interactive. He currently serves as a mentor to the 500 Startups Fund and as CEO of AlphaBoost, a fast growing decisions support system for Social Advertisers.

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