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Four Design Research Strategies for Your Next Project


Sajid Reshamwala
Design Researcher, Yahoo!

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About This Class

Design Research is the process of figuring out what to make and do. The strategies that researchers use take business strategy, user experience, visual design, and many other cross-disciplinary considerations into account. In this class, Sajid will break down four basic strategies and dissect case studies from the field. This class is designed to help you turn something from an abstract idea into a product that people love.


  • Introduction 1:40
  • What is Design Research 5:43
  • Who Are We and What's Going On? 3:49
  • Where Should We Play? 4:07
  • How Will We Win? 3:30
  • What Should We Do? 22:17


  • Learn a few popular design research models
  • Identify core questions you should ask before you build something
  • Create a generic value proposition
  • Prototype and evaluate ideas with users

About the Instructor(s)


Sajid Reshamwala
Design Researcher

Sajid Reshamwala is a design researcher at Yahoo! specializing in ethnography and concept development. Before coming to the Bay area, Sajid studied design research and interaction design at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago and worked with the Studio for Design Research in Hong Kong. When not dorking out on design, you can find Sajid noodling around in generative art and playing bad hip hop covers on his Casio keyboard.

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