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Fast, Lean UX Research


Tomer Sharon
Sr. User Experience Researcher, Google

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About This Class

Startup founders, first employees, and entrepreneurs want to learn about their customers needs and abilities. Implementing lean UX research techniques enables you to create sustainable businesses. This class will open with the heart and soul of good research: focused research questions. Learn about three key research topics that every entrepreneur wants to answer with UX research: experience sampling, card sorting, and usability testing.


  • Introduction 2:07
  • Research Questions 0:47
  • Goals vs. Questions 2:05
  • Golden Rule for Research 0:34
  • Q: How do you get more people to move from a home page to a product page? 0:40
  • Q: What features should be built out first? 1:04
  • When do you use a piece of paper to write things down? 4:45
  • Getting It Done 2:00
  • The Perfect Reading List 1:52
  • Card Sorting 11:06
  • Q: What is the best method for finding users for experience sampling? 2:28
  • Demonstration 16:32
  • Q: How do traditional UX research techniques fit into a lean UX cycle? 1:13
  • Q: What if the participant feels the card should go into two different categories? 0:20
  • Q: When should you hire a dedicated UX person for your team? 3:08


  • Explain the importance of user research questions
  • Name the three questions each startup founder needs to answer through research
  • Describe three lean UX research techniques to help answer these questions

About the Instructor(s)


Tomer Sharon
Sr. User Experience Researcher

Tomer Sharon is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google Search in New York City and author of the book, It’s Our Research: Getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects (2012). He founded and led The Israeli chapter of the User Experience Professionals' Association and is a mentor at Google's Campus TLV, a program including UX learning, collaboration, and mentorship for Israeli startups. He speaks at conferences and professional events, is a published author of articles and papers, and a past editorial board member for UXPA’s UX Magazine. Tomer holds a master’s degree in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University in Waltham, MA.

He is @tsharon on Twitter.

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