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Earn Your Google Apps Black Belt: Gmail


Taylor Gould
Director of Marketing, BetterCloud

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About This Class

Nearly everyone has made the move to Gmail for personal use and more than 5 million businesses are now using Google Apps. You probably spend hours inside Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google products. But you could still be missing out on new features, helpful hacks and cool tricks that can add efficiency to your work and personal life.

Spend 60 minutes learning new shortcuts and useful tips that in turn will save you 30-60 minutes every day in Google Apps and Gmail. Plus, you’ll become a trusted Google Apps and Gmail expert for your company, friends and family.


  • Introduction 4:03
  • Meet Gmail 2:52
  • Organization 33:39
  • Customization 10:23
  • Automation 6:10
  • Keeping Up To Date 2:15


  • Learn how to keep a clean Gmail inbox, and keep it that way
  • No more stress over losing your computer or any documents stored on it (everything is stored in Google’s cloud)
  • Become a trusted expert in your company, or even just with family and friends (nearly everyone’s using Google products in one way or another)

Prereqs & Preparation

A Google Apps account is preferred, as roughly a third of the material is specific to Google Apps, although users of Gmail only are welcome to attend. Basic experience with Gmail and preferably Google Apps is required, as we will be covering more intermediate topics.

Students will need to set up a Google Apps account ahead of time visit to sign up for free

About the Instructor(s)


Taylor Gould
Director of Marketing

As a direct marketer with an agency background, early in my career I became interested in startups and their performance-driven online marketing principles that blur the lines between advertising and product.

After a stint with the largest Google Apps consultancy, I became convinced that Google Apps was the future of enterprise IT and decided to dedicate myself to the space. In late 2011 I joined BetterCloud, an NYC-based developer of management and security products that integrate with Google Apps, as Director of Marketing and one of their first employees.

At BetterCloud, I also develop content and manage the largest resource of free Google Apps training content in the ecosystem,

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