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Distributing your First iOS App


Rudd Taylor
Founder, Varkala Inc.

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About This Class

So you’ve decided to build an app. How do you get people to use it? This is a question that commonly plagues first-time iOS developers. In this class, we’ll dive into core concepts surrounding iOS deployment and discuss how to get your app onto peoples’ devices across the entire lifecycle of your product.


  • Introduction 7:09
  • Distribute your App in the Development Phase 2:14
  • Distribute your App in the Beta Phase 6:01
  • Distribute your App in the Production Phase 11:14
  • Distribute your App Updates 4:39


  • Understand the relationship between devices, certificates, app IDs and provisioning profiles.
  • Understand how to deploy their application to people’s devices during the development, beta and launch phases of their application.
  • Navigate Apple’s approval process and pinpoint potential blocking issues prior to submitting their app to the app store.

About the Instructor(s)


Rudd Taylor
Varkala Inc.

Rudd Taylor recently moved to New York where he's now running Varkala, a mobile travel app focused on making it easy to get recommendations on new and exciting places to go in NYC.

In his former role in Amazon’s Kindle group, Rudd built high-visibility client, web and service products as both a software developer and a software development manager. During his time there his primary focus was building Kindle applications across a variety of platforms including iOS, web and more.

Prior to joining Amazon, he graduated from University of Washington’s computer science undergraduate program.

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