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Designing for Multiple Devices


Anna Dahlström
Founder, byflock

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About This Class

The rise in smartphones and tablets have changed the way we consume and interact with content, but also the way we design and how we approach it. This class will cover the basics of how user expectations have shifted, changes in behavior and consumption patterns, and what that means for designing products that will be used on multiple devices.


  • Introduction 1:54
  • Usage 5:26
  • Implication 1:58
  • Mobile vs. Responsive Design 10:38
  • Responsive 10:22
  • Apps 8:56
  • Exercises 7:15
  • Summarize 1:49
  • Remember 2:06
  • Takeaway 0:50


  • Design for different mobile platforms accordingly
  • Understand user expectations
  • Understand the current mobile environment

About the Instructor(s)


Anna Dahlström

Anna Dahlström is an IA and UX designer focused on strategic UX and cross-channel experience. Originally from Sweden but based in London since 2006, she left the agency Dare, where she worked as an Experience Lead, in February 2011 to begin freelancing. Since then she's spent most of her time working with leading London agencies and on BBC Sport Olympics. On the side she's working on her own startup and has been published in .net Magazine as well as spoken at Dublin Web Summit, Geeky, the Polish IA summit, EuroIA and Internet Week Europe.

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