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Camille Murphy Bugden
Designer and Creative Director

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About This Class

Bring your creative ideas to life with Adobe Photoshop, the professional digital imaging standard, used by photographers and designers who want to perfect their digital images. Photoshop allows you to create powerful images and designs. This workshop is designed to get you up and running with Adobe Photoshop in just a few hours. The focus will be on step-by-step instruction leading students through the most important tools and concepts in Photoshop.

The Class will start with students learning about the Photoshop Interface, How to open or start new files, Practice viewing Photoshop documents and Making Selections using different tools, paint with the Brush and Gradient tools, use the Clone Stamp tool and Crop Images.

Then students will get started with learning Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard software used by designers and illustrators who want to create digital graphics, logos, illustrations, and original typography. This class is designed to provide you with the essentials needed to get started. The focus will be on step-by-step instruction, leading you through the most important tools and concepts in Illustrator.


  • Introduction 1:19
  • Vector vs. Bitmap 1:26
  • Interface 0:59
  • View Your Document and Selection Tools 17:30
  • Painting in Photoshop 21:06
  • Adding Text 7:00
  • Clone Stamp Tool 10:14
  • Adjustment Layers 5:12
  • Cropping and Resizing 5:41
  • Introduction 0:59
  • Vector vs. Bitmap 1:50
  • Interface 7:32
  • Learning to Paint 2:32
  • Using the Pen Tool 6:33
  • Original Vector Illustration 37:16
  • Image Trace 3:42
  • Additional Techniques 4:40


  • Use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Manipulate images and use the most popular tools in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Get started in graphic design

Prereqs & Preparation

Please download and install the latest trial version for Photoshop and Illustrator before the session.

About the Instructor(s)


Camille Murphy Bugden
Designer and Creative Director

Camille Murphy Bugden is a Designer and Creative Director with a specialty in branding and marketing. She has over ten years of experience working in publishing, marketing and higher education. Her former client list includes Sony, HBO, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Penguin Books, Upperdeck, New York City Public Schools, and Barnes and Noble. Camille holds a masters in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. Currently, Camille resides in Brooklyn, NY and works as a designer and creative director on a contract basis. She is also a part-time professor at Parsons the New School for Design, Pratt Institute and NYU.

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