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Deconstructing iOS Design


Paul Canetti
Founder, CEO, MAZ

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About This Class

In the battle for mobile and tablet dominance, there is one fact that remains uncontested by friends and foes alike: Apple has the best design. Yet most of the 600,000+ iOS apps were not designed by Apple itself. Some third-party apps fall short of Apple's legacy, while some actually surpass Apple by pushing the limits of great interface design and creating new standards of their own. This begs the question, what makes a great iOS app great? This class will discover the secrets of iOS design by examining the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines and critiquing the best (and worst) designed apps out there today.


  • Introduction 1:47
  • iOS 6 5:33
  • iOS Basics 1:25
  • Launch Screen 1:36
  • PNG vs JPEG 1:18
  • Screen Dimensions and Retina 4:49
  • iOS UI Element Usage Guidelines 2:51
  • Content Views 3:19
  • Alerts 1:08
  • Action Sheets 1:18
  • Modal Views 1:12
  • Controls 5:35
  • iOS Human Interface Principles 10:09
  • App Design Strategies 7:02
  • iOS User Experience Guidelines 9:49


  • Examine examples of world-class iPhone and iPad apps that people love
  • Describe how to design an app for increased user engagement and retention
  • Find out how the Human Interface Guidelines can help inform your designs

About the Instructor(s)


Paul Canetti
Founder, CEO

Paul is the founder and CEO of MAZ, a digital publishing platform for tablet and mobile devices. Having previously worked at Apple, Condé Nast, and as the Creative Director of an app development firm, Canetti truly understands the important intersection of media, design and technology.

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