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Cultivating an Online Community for Your Brand


Lauren Perkins
CEO, Perks Consulting

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About This Class

Social media has been able to break down communication walls and give everyone a digital voice, but what really drives an online community? This class will take you through the planning and strategy process needed to architect and grow your own online community.


  • Introduction 1:47
  • What is community? 1:09
  • Community management 1:49
  • Community objectives 6:38
  • Understanding your audience 5:51
  • Where to host your community 3:17
  • Segmenting content 6:18
  • Engaging your community 2:08
  • Content management 4:27
  • Audience management 4:08
  • Q: What are good entertainment examples? 2:17
  • Q: How did Tumblr get such a strong fashion following? 1:17
  • Q: Any advice for startups? 1:18
  • Metrics 4:59
  • Tools for measurement 2:32
  • Review 1:13
  • Q: How do you create benchmarks? 1:26
  • Q: What are the best conversation starters? 2:02
  • Q: How do you keep an online community engaged? 1:00
  • Q: What can startups learn from big brands? 1:33
  • Q: How do you acquire users from Facebook? 2:18


  • Define an authentic brand voice and image within a community
  • Implement content planning, selection, segmentation, and distribution
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of community managers and brand ambassadors

About the Instructor(s)


Lauren Perkins
Perks Consulting

Lauren Perkins is a Brand Marketer, Community Builder, and Author of The Community Manager’s Playbook: How to Build Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement (Apress, 2015). As the founder & CEO of Perks Consulting, a brand-led digital innovation consultancy, Lauren has spent a decade teaching growth stage companies to “Think like Brand. Act like a Startup.™” through her expertise in leading brand innovation and digital adoption. Lauren regularly contributes to CMX, Inc. and Forbes, and is a founding instructor at General Assembly teaching digital insights, brand strategy, community management and agile marketing.

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