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Crowdfunding for Artists, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Everyone Else


Arie Abecassis
Venture Partner, DreamIt Ventures; Founder, ICONYC labs

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About This Class

Social media and platforms like Kickstarter have made it easier than ever before for inventors, entrepreneurs, and artists, to seek funding for their projects. In this quick introductory class, Arie will give a brief overview of the industry and offer a few practical steps to launching a successful campaign.


  • Introduction 6:58
  • Benefits 5:50
  • Common Myths 9:33
  • Critical Success Factors 6:53
  • Case Study: Soma 4:18
  • Checklist 5:09


  • Know enough about the industry to make choices about how to obtain funding.
  • Learn the first steps to starting your campaign.
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of crowdfunding.

About the Instructor(s)


Arie Abecassis
Venture Partner
DreamIt Ventures; Founder, ICONYC labs

As a founder of ICONYC labs, and a Venture Partner at DreamIt Ventures, Arie spends most of his waking day (and probably a portion of some sleepless nights) turning ideas into reality and plans into action.

Arie has worked closely with a number of amazing founders and companies, including SeatGeek, Adaptly, BiznessApps and MAZ Digital. In addition to spending time with the General Assembly community, every now and then, Arie contributes his thoughts on the state of technology and entrepreneurship in various tech blogs.

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