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Content Marketing for New Marketers: The First Steps


Mike Tekula
Consultant, Distilled

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About This Class

Content marketers create and share media with the end goal of acquiring and retaining customers. In this class, Mike will explain how to craft your brand voice, choose appropriate channels, and identify influencers. By the end of the class, you’ll be able take a few steps toward your first content marketing campaign.


  • Introduction 11:05
  • Clarify Your Values, Vision, and Voice 13:34
  • Identify Your Audience 15:26
  • Final Thoughts 14:49


  • Create your brand voice
  • Know best practices for different marketing channels
  • Identify your target audience

About the Instructor(s)


Mike Tekula

Mike has helped organizations around the world capitalize on search engine traffic and build effective online experiences.

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