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Content Marketing for New Marketers: Community Management Strategies


Mike Tekula
Consultant, Distilled

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About This Class

Marketers should try to build active online communities around their content. This class will highlight a few strategies that can be used to find users who are consuming content, have users generate content on behalf of your brand, and mine chatter for new content ideas.


  • Introduction 10:52
  • The First Steps 2:00
  • Interviewing Influencers 2:18
  • Hold Contests 3:12
  • Publish Case Studies 1:54
  • "Best-of" List Posts 3:02
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) 7:47
  • UGC Timing 3:41
  • When UGC Goes Wrong 3:41
  • Choosing Community Managers 3:43
  • Leverage Customer Feedback for Content 6:00
  • Draw Insights from Feedback 7:03
  • Pre-Seeding Content Ideas 8:17


  • Find users who are consuming your content
  • Interact with users in ways that build positive communities
  • Prompt community members to generate content on behalf of your brand

About the Instructor(s)


Mike Tekula

Mike has helped organizations around the world capitalize on search engine traffic and build effective online experiences.

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