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Building Your Team


Jack Groetzinger
Founder, SeatGeek

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About This Class

It takes an outstanding team to create a successful company. In this class, SeatGeek cofounder Jack Groetzinger shares strategies and tips for Passive and Active Recruiting, conducting interviews, making an offer, and finding a cofounder. You’ll get the recruiting and hiring know-how you need to start building your team today.


  • Introduction 2:11
  • Imagining Your Team 1:35
  • Employing Passive Recruiting Tactics 5:41
  • Employing Active Recruiting Tactics 7:59
  • Selling Your Company to Potential Hires 3:05
  • Managing the Formal Interview Process 5:46
  • Managing Technical Hiring 7:12
  • Making an Offer 6:20
  • Finding a Cofounder 6:41
  • Applying What You've Learned 4:41


  • Identify and compare Passive and Active Recruiting Tactics
  • Find the right hires for your company
  • Apply a bilateral hiring process
  • Make effective offer strategies
  • Apply techniques for making a technical hire
  • Visualize your cofounder

About the Instructor(s)


Jack Groetzinger

Jack Groetzinger is a Co-Founder of SeatGeek, the web’s most comprehensive live event ticket search engine. Jack leads SeatGeek’s product development and analytics functions. Prior to founding SeatGeek in September 2009, Jack worked as a management consultant with Bain and Company in Boston. He is a 2007 graduate of Dartmouth University with concentrations in Math and Economics.

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