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Building High Performance, Scalable Web Apps


Matt Wood
Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn how to build high performance, scalable applications for the web, social and mobile audiences. Learn how to quickly deploy applications using Amazon Web Services which can scale, heal while delivering consistent, predictable performance. We’ll discuss best practices collected from hundreds of thousands of customers in designing and building robust, elastic architectures for your application’s web, database and content distribution requirements.


  • Introduction 3:28
  • Getting Started 3:07
  • Building High Performance Applications 16:01
  • Q: Is there a list of best-practices for securing your app? 0:49
  • Scaling Out 21:14
  • Q: What indicators should you look at before adding a server? 2:11
  • Q: Does AWS auto-scale horizontally? 0:55
  • Automation 4:53
  • Calibrating CPU Performance 2:31
  • Calibrating I/O Performance 4:58
  • Optimizing for Cost 6:07


  • Learn about the full suite of services you can use to host and deploy your application
  • Discover how to use cutting edge technology to optimize the performance of your application
  • See case case studies for automating and balancing your processing and storage needs

About the Instructor(s)


Matt Wood
Program Manager
Amazon Web Services

Matt leads scientific and technical computing at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington, where he drives programs around high performance computing, data-intensive science and big data.

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