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Building a Brand-Centric Business Strategy


Lauren Perkins
CEO, Perks Consulting

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About This Class

When working on a startup, many companies become fixated on producing a stellar product and a business/revenue model that attracts funding. Yet they forget that setting up a brand to convey these two primary focuses could determine the future roadmap of the company’s success. This livestream will teach students how brand considerations can be linked closely to a business strategy in order to provide a holistic foundation for their startup’s future.


  • Introduction 1:41
  • The Lay of the Land 1:07
  • What is Brand 2:14
  • Why is Brand Important? 1:31
  • Misconceptions 1:52
  • Brand and Business Strategy 4:18
  • Brand-Centric Strategy 7:44
  • Developing Your Strategy 7:36
  • External Audit 11:14
  • Q: What is a company doing brand well? 1:21
  • Q: Challenges? 2:29
  • Q: Strategic Plan? 2:22
  • Q: Tips? 2:36


  • A newfound focus on a brand-centric business strategy.
  • Set the foundations of your company’s brand and business simultaneously, even if the startup is only at a minimally viable product.
  • Produce an outline of your startup’s venture strategy with specific exercises to take back for execution with your team, co-founders, and/or advisors.

About the Instructor(s)


Lauren Perkins
Perks Consulting

Lauren Perkins is a Brand Marketer, Community Builder, and Author of The Community Manager’s Playbook: How to Build Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement (Apress, 2015). As the founder & CEO of Perks Consulting, a brand-led digital innovation consultancy, Lauren has spent a decade teaching growth stage companies to “Think like Brand. Act like a Startup.™” through her expertise in leading brand innovation and digital adoption. Lauren regularly contributes to CMX, Inc. and Forbes, and is a founding instructor at General Assembly teaching digital insights, brand strategy, community management and agile marketing.

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