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Bootstrapping Your Startup


Neal Taparia
Co-Founder, ImagineEasy Solutions

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About This Class

Want to execute when the pressure’s on? The ability to launch a startup with nothing but sweat and drive is not easy. Learn how to hire and manage minimal resources for maximum growth from the co-founder of Easybib — an very popular tool for students used by millions of people around the world.


  • Introduction 0:51
  • Our story 2:39
  • Focus on the MVP 1:24
  • Talk to customers, not friends 1:09
  • Marketing 101: Try Everything Possible 1:44
  • Never Neglect Customer Service 1:03
  • Q: What is your target demographic? 0:45
  • Never Intentionally Compromise User Experience 1:30
  • Meetings Don't Always Suck 1:08
  • Q: What was the ongoing budget while bootstrapping? 2:18
  • Q: How did you split your roles? 0:43
  • Actively Seek Perspective from Different Backgrounds 1:04
  • Think About Every Experience as a Learning Experience 1:25
  • People skills 0:57
  • Q: What is the most effective form of advertising? 1:03
  • Q: How do you maintain a budget while bootstrapping? 2:19
  • Stay Focused on What's Important 2:20
  • Outsourcing 2:50
  • It's Okay to Say No 2:04
  • Q: What are the biggest challenges you face today? 2:53
  • Q: Making Easybib a paid product? 1:55
  • Q: What happens when MVP testing is too expensive? 2:55
  • Q: What is the most effective way to market to college students? 2:48
  • Q: Did you ever think the product wouldn't work? 3:10
  • Don't assume you know your customer's needs 1:33


  • Recognize what startup cash flow looks like
  • Identify major cost drivers
  • Determine how to lower startup costs

About the Instructor(s)


Neal Taparia
ImagineEasy Solutions

Neal Taparia graduated from Northwestern in 2006, where he majored in economics and minored in religion. After a short stint at Lehman Brothers as an investment banker, Neal left eight months before its demise (phew) to work on Imagine Easy Solutions full-time to grow out and other products. He currently resides in New York City.

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