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Apps Unlocked


Paul Canetti
Founder, CEO, MAZ

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About This Class

Have an idea that could be the next Angry Birds? The next Flipboard? This class will examine the ins and outs of creating apps from a non-technical viewpoint. You don’t need to be a programmer, just a guy or a gal with a dream (preferably that dream is app-related). This class is taught by Paul Canetti, former Apple employee turned freelance app designer turned founder of app creation platform.


  • Introduction 3:19
  • Apps unlocked 2:01
  • App store 2:10
  • Native apps 2:24
  • Web apps 0:37
  • Q: What is the difference between a native app and a web app? 0:37
  • Web vs. Native 1:44
  • Q: How much access do you have to users of your own app? 3:03
  • The idea 18:21
  • Barriers to entry 5:02
  • Execution 10:52
  • Q: How much do advertisers pay for users? 3:52
  • Q: What's the minimum you need to spend to build an app? 1:52
  • Q: Are there development agencies that can help build my app? 2:04


  • Determine what is needed to build an app
  • Identify the costs of building an app
  • Recognize how to get started with building an app

About the Instructor(s)


Paul Canetti
Founder, CEO

Paul is the founder and CEO of MAZ, a digital publishing platform for tablet and mobile devices. Having previously worked at Apple, Condé Nast, and as the Creative Director of an app development firm, Canetti truly understands the important intersection of media, design and technology.

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